Unity assets

I am currently working on an Asset released for the Unity3D game engine, named RTS Development Framework. It is available for download at the Unity Asset store. This is a framework which allows anyone to build or rapidly prototype an RTS-game. The framework is a complete package containing most entities that one would expect to use in a classic RTS-game, such as;

* Grid based multithreaded dynamic pathfinding
* Ability to build units and buildings, including infantry, tanks, vehicles, airplanes, helicopters.
* Ability to control these units, and perform commands such as attack enemy units.
* Resource system with resource gathering, refining and usage.
* RTS camera and WASD movement, zoom, rotation, tilt, including a minimap.

The framework is built completely in C#, all source assets are included in the package. The framework also includes a number of 3D models and sound/particle effects to aid in visualizing a 3D virtual world.

This framework is actively being developed with new features added almost daily (as fast as I can cope).