Mods and other projects

Over the course of at least the last ten years, I have worked on creating maps and mods for a wide array of games, mainly FPS and RTS games, such as Battlefield 2, Company of heroes, Source engine (Half-life 2), C&C Generals and many others. I present some of these finished (and still publicly available) projects here:

The largest project I’ve attempted before the RTS Development Framework. This is a modification which has seen more than 100 000 downloads and received a lot of praise. I started working on this mod late 2005 and the first version of the mod was released in mid 2006 (or so I recall).
Mod for C&C Generals:Zero Hour (RTS game)

One of my first maps ever using the Hammer editor.
Map for CS:GO (FPS game)

First map made for CoH2
Map for Company of Heroes 2 (RTS game)

First map made for WIC
Map for World In Conflict (RTS game)