Jumpy balance

This is our very first game. Planned for release on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and in the future possible also on Windows, MAC and Linux platforms.

There will be a free version acting much as a demo game with ingame ads and a paid version containing more levels and additional content. The paid version will also be ad-free and you’ll get all future content and functionality updates as long as the game is actively developed. The same can not be promised for the free version.

View the development blog for up-to-date information regarding project progress.
You can download the game for Android at Google Play.

The idea is very simple. You have a character that can move left, right and jump. Using simulated gravity, your mission is to keep a number of gravity influenced balls or spheres from touching the ground. You may only use the head and body of your character to do so. Furthermore, you’ll have movable blocks that acts as a safe surface for the balls to touch. The game is totally fictional, and precise gameplay will vary among the three different game modes;

Score hunt

In score hunt, your goal is to accumulate the highest possible score. You’ll earn score for heading small green balls, making these small balls collide with large spheres or colliding large spheres with special surfaces. There is also a way to earn 1000 extra points for a special small-ball placement and you’ll get withdrawal from you points if a large sphere touches any red surfaces. The game ends in your failure when any of the small balls touches a red surface.


In survival, you’ll start the game with a number of highly bouncy small balls in action. Your mission is to keep ”alive” as long as possible. The game will fail when the green balls have touched any red surfaces more than the amount of ”saves” that you have left. in survival, the green balls are highly sensitive to added force so key to success is light touches. You’ll also have a number of movable white blocks to aid you to a better time. The longer you can stay alive, the better you are.

Time attack

In time attack, you’ll start the game with a number of seemingly static small balls. Your mission is to move all the green balls inside a ”collector”, which is a yellow painted box-like structure. The balls will be influenced by gravity as soon as any object touches them OR any object gets inside the area of influence. As in other game modes, you’ll fail if any of the small balls touches the red ground. There will also be red balls present, try to avoid them, use the white movable box to aid you. This game mode is the only one that can be ”won”, in a sense that there is a achievable objective.